Were The VMAs Actually Live? Not Really…

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Aug 31 2020 / 15:08 PM

From social distancing protocols to pre-recorded segments to COVID-19 tests, here’s exactly how the awards show was produced…

Were The VMAs Actually Live? Not Really…

Planning an award show in the middle of a pandemic is tricky, but the VMA’s managed to pull it off, red carpet and all.

Nevertheless, while many believed the event was filmed live in New York City Page Six has revealed that many of the performances, red carpet interviews and award presentations were pre-recorded.

While fans might be more than a little bit disappointed to learn this news, it most likely had something to do with social distancing rules and protocols – which were apparently very strict for all artists, talent and performers involved in making of the show.

According to the celebrity news website everyone had to undergo COVID-19 testing when they arrived on set and, once again, before they performed.

Some performances were pre-recorded, in order to reduce the amount of time the talent spent on set. And while some talent did fly in specifically for the event, they did have to quarantine a few days prior to the awards ceremony.

Lead image courtesy of Instagram/gagabible