Every Reason Why You Should Treat Yourself To A Luxe Dining Experience At Doors Freestyle Grill

BY Athwifa Saleem / Jul 6 2020 / 18:00 PM

The fine-dining restaurant is proud to have established world-class fusion cuisine, delving into the hearts of diners with their unique artisanal aura

Every Reason Why You Should Treat Yourself To A Luxe Dining Experience At Doors Freestyle Grill
Interior view of Doors Dubai

Situated in the heart of Al Seef by Dubai Creek, Doors Freestyle Grill is a waterfront destination and lifestyle dining concept set to bring forth the inner chef in every diner while enhancing the senses with the epitome of aroma, taste and flavour.

“I was blown away from the whole dining experience at Doors Freestyle Grill in Shenzhen, the culinary theatre involved with the food preparation and of course, the taste of the food,” says Mohamed Farzad, restauranteur and Managing Director of Doors. “I still remember that first bite and knowing I wanted my friends and colleagues in Dubai to share this experience.”

The theatrical culinary spot is all about one paramount belief; uprooting the luxury dining game by immersing the diners into, as the name suggests, a freestyle grill atmosphere, and to redefine the standard of fine dining.

“Having always been passionate about food with an emphasis on quality preparation,” says Farzad, “it was almost a foregone conclusion to take the plunge into the food and beverage industry and open the doors to this style of elevated culinary theatre to Dubai’s thriving food and beverage scene.” 

Exterior view of Doors Freestyle Grill, Dubai

The beautiful setting provides the ultimate picturesque waterfront dining experience, with an ambience that invites the diners into the doorway of culinary paradise, where nothing but food, passion and creativity matter. Internationally-acclaimed Chef Kemal Çeylan is the mastermind behind the restaurant’s exemplary menu, which features an array of dishes derived from the freshest produce available in the region and beyond, specifically the wide selection of meats which are sourced from top butcheries around the world.

The chef’s take on traditional Turkish classics with a contemporary twist is a show quite rare and is certainly ideal for the adventure-seeking foodie among us. “All our dishes hold the same attention and signature quality,” says Farzad. “This is the level of passion that is put in to perfect every dish served at Doors.”

Beef Tartare from Doors Dubai

Highlight dishes include the exquisite Wagyu Butterfall Steak, a well-received signature dish; for the ones who are yet to indulge in this, just imagine a gilded trolley arriving with a wagyu beef protruding out of it, the waiter pouring a concoction of butter infused with orange, that dribbles its way into the slices of tenderloin which are then seared and smoked, accompanied by a grilled sesame bread.This dish undoubtedly delivers on the restaurant’s tagline “awaken the five senses.”

Other signature meat dishes include the succulent lamb rack, lamb chops, as well as the iskender kabab. The restaurant is suited for the seafood lovers as well, with their fresh catch of lobster freestyle with Doors’ special sauce, salt baked sea bass and the Doors king prawns smothered in a spicy garlic marinade being the most recommended. 

Tomahawk Beef Steak at Doors Dubai

The theatrical culinary experience would not be complete without the highly dramatic Eden Garden dessert tray, which is an ensemble of exquisite sweets ranging from the famous baklava, trileche cake, freshly-cut exotic fruits and the showstopper being a gold-dusted milk chocolate sphere with a decadent chocolate fondant nestled inside the sphere. The restaurant effectively runs a unique Mixology Lab, where the most exquisite mocktails bubble away.

The interiors of the venue are a class apart, with ensembles and hues of gold and black nestled throughout, creating a striking destination where every angle emanates sophistication. “We wanted to ensure that the Dubai venue had its own look and feel which is why we opted to employ gold elements, which is not uncommon in the regional design culture,” explains Farzad.

Mixology Lab at Doors Dubai

“Black and gold interiors also strike a timeless elegance which fits perfectly with our ethos - to serve only the best and timeless dining experience to our guests.” Each element of the overall design has been handpicked to blend with the venue’s vision. “The chandeliers have been crafted by Lasvit, the Czech glass brand that created the chandeliers at the Dubai Opera, the tiles at Doors are all curated from Versace and so on,” adds Farzad.

Further contributing to the opulence, the venue offers guests the ultimate fully-customisable private dining experience at the ‘Majlis by Doors’.

“Majlis by Doors has been designed to cater to expand the limits of a personalised VIP dining experience, with a localised adaptation,” says Farzad.

The bespoke dining experience at the majlis area includes a dedicated butler, menus tailored to diner preference, dedicated mood settings including lighting and music. Equipped with a large LCD screen and its own sound system, the lounge can accommodate up to 26 guests, offering an ideal solution for corporate and personal bookings alike. “The Majlis by Doors offers guests a unique personalised experience; it is our aim to give guests a dining journey that’s fit for royalty.”

Majlis by Doors

With their innovation-rich, flexible à la carte menus in the works coupled with suave, elegant interiors, Doors is all dressed to impress each and every diner, even the most notoriously picky food connoisseur.   

Images courtesy of Doors Dubai

From the Spring 2020 issue of Harper's BAZAAR Interiors