A Massive Hail Storm Hit Dubai Yesterday Evening

BY Laura Kell / Mar 22 2020 / 12:46 PM

Video footage shows thunder rocking villas and hail pelting down across the emirate, as residents took cover inside

A Massive Hail Storm Hit Dubai Yesterday Evening

Dubai was hit by one of the biggest thunderstorms of the year yesterday evening.

In the early hours of the night rain and hail cascaded down across the emirate, with Dubai Marina experience the worst of the storm.

From washed out roads to front gardens covered in ice, it was a scene that could only be described as apocalyptic.

The video above is a compilation of clips shot by residents, as they experienced the force of the storm.

The UAE has been experiencing a series of extreme weather patterns within recent months. Back in November the Dubai Mall flooded after heavy rainfall, forcing some shoppers to vacate their favorite stores (and shop assistants to do what they could to salvage merchandise.)

Lead image courtesy of Shutterstock.