The Interview | Shayma Alnuaimi

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Dec 20 2015 / 23:02 PM

Creating state-of-the-art designs with a view to inspire future generations of goldsmiths, Shay Jewelry is the brainchild of Ras Al Khaimah-based Shayma Alnuaimi. Bazaar talks business with the talented designer

The Interview | Shayma Alnuaimi
The Interview | Shayma Alnuaimi
The Dana Collection, from Dhs7,500
The Interview | Shayma Alnuaimi
The Spring Bangle, Dhs6,400
The Interview | Shayma Alnuaimi
The Spring collection, from Dhs6,300
The Interview | Shayma Alnuaimi
The Flower collection, from Dhs2,500

Your pieces marry contemporary shapes with classic gemstones, what would you say has been the main influence on the aesthetic of Shay Jewelry? 
Our influence comes from the beauty of life and we celebrate this value in each and every piece.  Every item is treated as an art piece at Shay, we aim to create something new, precious and timeless – our jewels are meant to be art, design, beautifully made wearable pieces. Longevity, distinctive, elegant, and it's here to stay.

Your business is built in Ras Al Khaimah, how has the area influenced your creativity?
RAK is beautiful area, where nature expresses its mighty beauty, sea, desert and mountain melt into a perfect and calm environment where far sighted people get their chance to be trailblazers, so to speak. This mixture certainly inspires ones creativity, so we've been the first jewellery brand to be founded by a young designer. 

RAK Pearl and Diamond Earrings, Dhs4,500

Describe the type of woman you design for?
Shay Jewelry is for every woman. We design, create and craft jewels that celebrate the beauty of life. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in luxury. Whether you look for something different, special, tailor made, or trendy, Shay is the quintessentially contemporary jewellery. 

Would you say that there is a signature piece in the collection?
Striving to make each and every piece iconic to somebody is more important that having just one recognisable jewel. We want Shay to be iconic, when a woman wears Shay she knows she's a special one and we treat her as such. 

Have you encountered any challenges in the set up of your business?
I'd rather say I believe in actions and consequences. If you do things right, commit yourself with hard work and passion, build a good team, nothing is impossible. You may not be able to make it exactly as you planned it, but if you're smart and versatile enough, have the sheer will to do it, you'll end up doing it. 

Shayma Alnuaimi

Where would you like the brand to be positioned in one year from now?
A year time is a very short frame in today's business. I certainly envision Shay to be a well known brand in GCC, we have a strong marketing strategy and we certainly have a lot of awesome surprises coming. Going internationally is part of the plan and we have a practical hands-on approach to it. Nowadays you have to surprise people and that's what we're going to be doing.

What are you working on currently?
Wearable Design is a new and international joint project, a multi-cultural undertaking aiming to become a recognised brand in the world of jewellery and design. Shay Goldsmith has joined forces with an exclusive group of Italian designers to create a new concept that merges into a well balanced mix of handmade pieces that are impressive and sophisticated in creativity. 

Wearable Design is a concept you can wear, you can collect and the customer is welcomed to become an artist, a designer by wearing it, collect it, use it as a jewel, an art piece, a design element able to transform the environment they live in.

What has been the highlight of your jewellery label launch so far? 
Being a young company, every day is a new highlight as we get the chance to satisfy our valuable customers delivering what best we can design, create and craft. An upcoming highlight for our brand will be the Shay App. In fact, we are developing a special smartphone application that would allow our customers to be more linked with Shay and to share their experience on social media if they wish to do so. Or, to help us improve their Shay experience and implement its value. Like I said, Shay is here to stay. And to stay contemporary. 

Shay Jewelry is available at Al Naeem Mall in Ras Al Khaimah