You Will Soon Be Able To Create Couture Via An App

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Apr 9 2017 / 22:06 PM

The world's first dress by data has arrived

You Will Soon Be Able To Create Couture Via An App

Nothing to wear? Never again will you have to struggle with your wardrobe choices as a new app, set to roll out later this year, will use collected data every day for a week and recommend and design a dress for the user according to their content.


The "data dress" technology is a collaboration between Google and Ivyrevel, and is based on Android's Awareness API, which lets apps "be aware of all aspects of a user's environment," according to a post on the Android Developers' blog."Where do you regularly eat out for dinner or hang out with friends? Are they more casual or formal meetups? What's the usual weather when you're outside?" writes Google's group creative business partner Jeremy Brook in the post. 

Currently in Beta testing by some of the world's most well-known fashion influencers, the app's one-of-a-kind designs will literally put couture in the palm of your hands. 

Game. Changer. 

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