9 Daily Habits Of Stylish Women

BY Lauren Alexis Fisher / Aug 24 2017 / 21:47 PM

The simple routines women who dress well follow every day

9 Daily Habits Of Stylish Women

While there is no universal code or to-do list that all stylish women adhere to, there are a few select habits that aid the process of crafting a good outfit every single day. From checking the weather to selecting the right undergarments, here are the quick daily routines that keep the best-dressed women on top of their style game.

1. They keep their wardrobes organised

While Cher Horowitz may have been able to craft a covetable outfit from a pile of clothes on the floor, it's not as easy a feat for everyone else. Hanging up, folding and putting away your clothes instead of throwing them around your room will speed up the process of selecting your outfit and help you edit your look and see exactly which pieces you're working with.


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2. They check the weather every morning

Make the weather app your best friend. You can be wearing the greatest outfit ever, but if it's not fit for the temperature or rain, then it's not a good look on anyone, i.e. suede shoes in the middle of a torrential downpour or layer upon layer on a day that turns out to be a scorcher.

3. They plan their outfits out ahead of time

While it is not always ideal to select your outfit the night before, giving yourself adequate time to plan almost always ensures a more put-together look than something you throw on as you're running out the door.

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4. They give themselves enough time to get ready in the morning

Not all of us are gifted in that we can pull ourselves together in 10 minutes and still have that effortless, Parisian look. Give your snooze button a rest and wake up early enough so that you can put some time into your outfit.

5. They combine high and low fashion

You don't need to wear head-to-toe designer to put together a good ensemble. Know when to mix and match both high and low fashion. Invest in a few classic pieces and find your trendier pieces at a lower price point.

6. They only wear clothes that fit properly

Squeezing into a pair of too-tight jeans is not a good look on anybody. Buy the right size for your body and always have a tailor on speed dial to tweak your clothing for the perfect fit.

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7. They own a steamer

Fact: Wrinkled clothes look cheap. Using a steamer instead of an iron works better on most pieces. Plus, it's more controllable for even the trickiest of silhouettes and fabrics.

8. They select the right undergarments

Exposed bra straps may have worked on Carrie Bradshaw, but in real life, the look is a no-go. Visible panty lines and ill-fitting bras will distract and divert attention from even the most put-together outfits.

9. They have a go-to uniform always ready for back up

Hone in on a signature look that you can always rely on. Whether it's jeans and a blazer or head-to-toe black, find a style and make it yours. It will come in handy on those days where you have "nothing to wear."

Via Harper's Bazaar UK