FASHION NOW: Part Three | Beyond The Veil

BY Katie Trotter / Sep 29 2016 / 14:10 PM

In the third instalment of our three-part series, Faiza Bouguessa explains how she integrates fashion and technology

In the realm of fashion, where inspirations are often inexplicable, we rarely acknowledge the message behind the story, which is perhaps a missed opportunity. For every so often – be it on location or the studio, in stills or moving imagery, there are moments here and there when we catch a flicker of something new, indicating that the industry is moving forward and altering the way in which we perceive the world.

Certainly, an increasingly digitalised planet has revolutionised the way in which we see, feel and project ourselves to the outside world. As image makers and storytellers under the banner of Harper’s Bazaar, it was once perfectionism we strived for. But increasingly, as the millennial take over continues, it is the human experience that excites. The media is no longer there to simply entertain, but to experiment and challenge (even our own) perceptions of right and wrong and quality and taste.

Bouguessa A/W16

This time around we follow Faiza Bouguessa, the French Algerian born fashion designer and founder of Dubai-based brand, Bouguessa, as she works around the clock on the lead up to her FW17 collection. What Bouguessa may or may not have set out to do is to challenge perceptions, “in other parts of the world the Abaya can be looked at as an oppressive garment for women, but what I really want to show is it can be a beautiful garment, an empowering choice for any woman to wear in her own way."

Taking inspiration from the vertiginous skyscrapers that so famously outline the Dubai skyline, there is a constant fascination in technology and it’s role in shaping the future, "Looking out of my studio in Downtown Dubai at late hours, the mystical hues and lights in the urban oasis of skyscrapers that shape Dubai’s nocturnal skyline became the starting point of my collection."

"Whatever is happening in technology now becomes an inspiration for me, not just in art or in architecture, but for the fact it can be used to feel things and experience the actual identity of the brand and that’s what is important to both myself and my audience.” 

Creative Director: Katie Trotter. Production and post: Streetwise productions. Director: Ali Azarmi. First cameraman: Damiano Fieramosca. Hair and make-up: Toni Malt. With special thanks to the Leila Heller Gallery and MMG Models

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