FASHION NOW: Part Two | Theatre Of The Mind

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 4 2016 / 23:22 PM

In the second instalment of our three-part series, Bazaar's Fashion & Beauty Director Katie Trotter goes behind-the-scenes with Dubai-based, celebrity fashion designer Furne One

I first met Furne One in 2008 on a visit to Dubai, I was curious to meet the man who was designing some of the most opulent dresses I’d ever set eyes on for some of the most affluent Arabian princesses. I remember being somewhat fascinated by his studio - a sea of crystals awash with dizzyingly fantastical creations that wouldn’t look out of place in another era, oddly tucked away at the back of a non-descript shopping centre in one of the less affluent parts of Dubai.

I suppose that’s the beauty of Furne, for despite having created dresses for some of Hollywood’s most famous faces (Beyoncé and Katy Perry to name a few) he has no interest in the razzle dazzle, nor the fame that it has brought him. That isn’t what drives him. Instead, it is an honest hunger and the need to create.

Photography: Greg Adamski. Hair and make-up: Toni Malt. Styling: Katie Trotter. Model: Magda @ MMG Models 

It’s a nice, and somewhat interesting story therefore, that nearly a decade later we find ourselves sitting in the middle of the madness together once more. Of course back then, neither of us had any idea how the industry was about to change, nor had we any idea of the colossal role that technology would have on creative development. Back then, it was simply enough to make beautiful things. Now, it is our role to pioneer new models of communicating vision, to experiment and start from the beginning again.

What once had somewhat limiting boundaries, now has infinite potential. As creatives, in order to succeed in this new world we must reinvent the wheel - all while finding beauty in the traditional. Getting it right may be like getting a ship in a bottle, but that’s all part of this new model of creativity – there are no right answers. It is an interesting position to be in and one Bazaar is excited to be a part of.

So here we bring a tale of workmanship and dedication. A humble story of how an inspired maverick that came from just about as far away from fashion as one could be, ended up in Hollywood. This is his story.

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