#HouseOfBazaar: Day Three

BY Maddison Glendinning / Oct 14 2016 / 18:51 PM

Megan Hess and Amir H. Fallah joined us for exclusive Q&As

Day Three at the House of Bazaar saw the fashionable festivities continue. Before the VIP tours began for the day, our artist-in-residence Amir H. Fallah joined Bazaar Art's editor-in-chief Rebecca Proctor for a conversation about his work, his inspirations and why he joined us here at the House this year. 

During the day's VIP tours, we had the likes of Alanoud Badr, Amanda Navai and various other regional influencers join us in the house, before Australian fashion illustrator Megan Hess joined Bazaar's editor-in-chief Louise Nichol for an intimate conversation in The Garden to chat about her work, as well as the designs she created for the House this year.

Watch what went on in the video above, and be sure to come and visit us in Mall of the Emirates until October 15.