This Dubai Blogger Is A Finalist In Britain’s Next Top Model

BY Milli Midwood / Oct 30 2017 / 21:03 PM

Dubai’s home-grown talent goes international

This Dubai Blogger Is A Finalist In Britain’s Next Top Model
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With a modelling portfolio that boasts publications from Grazia Middle East to Hello! Middle East, a designer clientele of Giuseppe Zanotti and Fashion Forward names like Amato, Reemami, Essa Walla, plus a stellar social media following from her vlogging and blogging days, you might already recognise the name Louisa Northcote. But if you haven’t, the next 10 weeks are sure to change that.

Reality TV show and franchise Britain’s Next Top Model has tapped the Dubai fashionista for season 12, which aired this week. The modelling competition, which is hosted by presenter and model Abbey Clancy, sees 13 girls go head-to-head in various editorial fashion shoots and sartorial tasks in the hopes of winning the crown and being offered a contract with model 1 Agency, a fashion spread in Cosmopolitan, a campaign with Show Beauty and a year’s supply of hair services, a nationwide campaign with e-com high-street brand Misguided and plenty more.. 

Britain's Next Top Model season 12 contestants

Louisa, who currently splits her time between Dubai and London whilst she studies fashion buying at London College of Fashion, is one of this year’s competitors. Whilst the girls have to remained pretty tight-lipped throughout the competition, so as not to spoil anything, if Louisa’s Instagram bio – where she has written that she is a season 12 "finalist” - is anything to go by, we’ve got plenty of viewing time to look forward to.

Louisa in Britain's Next Top Model episode one

Since filming wrapped, 22-year old Louisa has set out to start making her mark on the fashion industry, starting with her campaign #FreeThePimple, which aims to break social norms in the modelling world and celebrate women’s flaws.

If you watched the first episode of @bntmuk you will understand why I'm posting this selfie. First of all please appreciate it took a lot of courage to post this picture. I already know some people will be mean and nasty about it and probably laugh and say horrible things. I have heard it all before: pizza face, crater face, I'm ugly because of my skin, wash ur face, ur dirty, ur disgusting, ur greasy etc the list goes on and on. Growing up in Dubai I was modelling at 13 and had a thriving career then I moved to England at 16 for my studies and my skin went down hill. I have had the creams and the pills and when it came to modelling I had agencies interested in me but they said go away and clear ur skin then come back. I wish it was just that easy "clear ur skin" but it's really not! It's a daily struggle which has taken a huge toll on my mental health and confidence especially with guys thank god my boyfriend sees past it he is amazing! Prior to the show my skin was actually getting clear yet however it took a severe turn for the worse and here I am still with bad skin, I was put on more creams and more meds but no I still have 'bad skin'. Sounds pathetic but my wish in life is to walk out makeup free with clear skin but walking out makeup free with skin like this people would stare and that would affect my self esteem more. It's extremely painful as well. I have done so much research into it I'm very health conscious - I'm a vegan, I don't drink coffee and I exercise a lot! I'm now having to go on more meds and more things to try clear it. I think acne is a subject that isn't spoken about enough in life and in the modelling industry because we live in a superficial world - editing Instagram pics etc. I know there are so many people out their struggling with it like me so I am here to show u u r not alone and to be a voice. I also want to thank @bntmuk @maxrogersuk @nickyjohnston @abbeyclancyofficial and everyone else from the show that gave the girl with 'the bad skin' a chance. Will the modelling industry ever look past the red marks? I also call u acne suffers to gain courage like me and post an acne selfie with #bntmlouisa on twitter or Instagram!

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Below, we take a look back at some of Louisa's best modelling moments in Dubai.

Good luck, Louisa - Bazaar is routing for you!

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