Christopher Kane Is Trying To Make Crocs A Thing

BY Maddison Glendinning / Sep 20 2016 / 13:35 PM

Nope, never, nuh-uh, no

Christopher Kane Is Trying To Make Crocs A Thing

When Adidas' Stan Smith sneakers made a comeback, we were thrilled that the humble sneaker was now a legitimate sartorial option. Stylish, flat shoes - sneaker, slider or otherwise - were welcomed by our heel-weary soles with great enthusiasm, and we're already dreading the day when the fashion tables turn and achingly high heels are back in. Though if the London Fashion Week shows we've seen overnight are anything to go by, we might be trying a little too desperately to keep our feet on the ground.

Famed British designer Christopher Kane showed his S/S17 collection during LFW yesterday at London's Tate Modern Museum, and whilst his catwalk looks were a beautiful mix of appliqued coats, slinky knitwear and statement minis, it wasn't the clothes that made us double-take. 

Rather it was the models sashaying down the catwalk in bejeweled Crocs. Yes, Crocs, those shoes that parents loved for their "comfort" and "practicality" and were mostly relegated to days spent in the garden away from any other human eyes. But here they were, all sparkly and shiny on a catwalk during one of the biggest weeks on the fashion calendar. 

Instagram/Christopher Kane

Kane explained that his collection was "inspired by the post-WWII feeling of 'Make Do and Make Mend'" and the seeming shift in locations from the city to the country. So we get it, it's a nod to the practical and a life away from city lights, but we don't foresee these catching on anytime soon. 

We're all for flats and any shoe that allows us to be on trend whilst remaining comfortable, but in the words of Regina George, stop trying to make Crocs happen...