Dubai Is Named One Of The World's Most Elegant Cities

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Oct 26 2017 / 15:30 PM


Dubai Is Named One Of The World's Most Elegant Cities

Factoring in the fashion scene, architectural landscape and destination accessibility of over 400 destinations, European shopping website Zalando has ranked the world's top 80 most elegant cities, placing Dubai at a very respectable 41, ahead of Sydney, Cape Town, Shanghai and Moscow. 

To determine which locations would feature on the list, the e-commerce platform sent surveys to over 5,000 global style and architecture experts and collated their feedback in terms of the strength of each candidate's fashion scene, tourism numbers, culturally significant architecture, number of fashion schools, cleanliness and economic accessibility amongst other indicators.

The results for each subcategory were then broken down in a numerical score from 0-5 and the final points total for every city was then calculated using a numerical equation. The resulting number placed the most importance on the fashion landscape of the city (50% of the score), urban living factors (40%) and international accessibility (10%). 

Under the 'desirability by visitors' category, Dubai scored 4.81/5 and 4.24/5 for 'point of entry' which is determined by a positive first impression of the city's aesthetic. 

Istanbul and Marrakech both also made the rankings, placed 80 and 65 respectively, with Paris landing the number one spot.

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