Exclusive: J.W. Anderson Designs Capsule Collection For Net-a-Porter

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Mar 6 2016 / 22:11 PM

The Irish designer speaks with Bazaar ahead of the release of his exclusive six-piece collection tomorrow

Exclusive: J.W. Anderson Designs Capsule Collection For Net-a-Porter
Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia: What is the design philosophy behind the J.W Anderson capsule and what inspired the collection? Why is the shirt the focal point of the collection?

Jonathan Anderson: I feel the shirt is instrumental in both men’s and women’s wardrobes; it is something that really defines a brand. Being able to find a focused approach to it is something I really wanted to do for this collection.

Top, from Dhs2,700

HBA: Why did you decide to work with Net-a-Porter for the exclusive collection?

JA: I would do anything for Net-a-Porter because I feel they believed in me from the beginning. They were one of our first stockists and buyers. 

HBA: Who would you like to see wearing the capsule?

JA: I always think it is most exciting when you see someone you don’t know on the street wearing it – that is the most amazing moment for me.

HBA: Which piece do you think will resonate most with your Middle Eastern clientele, and why?

JA: I think the striped wrap dress will resonate the most in the market. Middle Eastern women are elegant and chic. For me this piece is timeless, chic and effortless. 

Dress, from Dhs3,400

HBA: How would you suggest to dress up a shirt for evening wear? 

JA: Simply with a dress underneath – I love the idea of a shirt casually thrown over another piece.

HBA: What is your favourite piece and how would you style it?

JA: I really love the off the shoulder top. I always think the great thing about shirting is that it goes with jeans, and jeans are probably the most modern functional garment that ever existed. That is what is so great about shirting – it can be dressed up, as easily as it can be dressed down.

Top, from Dhs2,200

HBA: Do you have any other hidden talents?

JA: I used to work on a farm so I am very good at doing any farm task you ever want to ask.

HBA: What does the future hold for J. W. Anderson?

JA: To consistently keep growing the business and to keep exciting customers. For me, I wanted to do this job to be able to work with customers, it’s the most exciting process. They are the hardest and most amazing people to challenge. Without them I don’t exist. 

The J.W. Anderson capsule collection is released on Net-a-Porter tomorrow, March 7. Prices approximate. - Maddison Glendinning