Exclusive: Nathalie Trad's Paris Fashion Week Diary | Day Five

BY Maddison Glendinning / Oct 5 2016 / 16:22 PM

The Dubai-based handbag designer is sharing her Paris Fashion Week experience exclusively with Bazaar

Exclusive: Nathalie Trad's Paris Fashion Week Diary | Day Five
Our showroom neighbour, the label Be Quartii took our clutch for a stroll through Paris: street style at its best

We're at Day Five here in Paris and the final days of fashion week are upon us as we get ready to wrap up our showroom tomorrow and head back home. It truly is a bittersweet feeling between the excitement of getting back to reality but we are also already feeling nostalgic. 

Elevator shenanigans with my favourite Katrina Judd

I am going to miss being at our space with all the wonderful designers and their teams. Our showroom this season featured a great mix of brands, styles and cultures. There was Sandra Mansour, Aperlai, Kamushki, Izaak Azanei, NDUO and Be Quartii. The open door policy at our showroom means that we have a constant flow of visitors which means there is not a dull moment and no two days are alike. One of my favourite visitors of the day was designer Caroline de Marchi’s cute pooch Jaipour.

With my new showroom friend Jaipour!

I spent my morning, trying to juggle e-mails as well as press and buyer appointments which requires extra concentration. Our candy bar definitely comes in handy in those cases. I love getting to read my fortune everyday from our fortune cookie jar. I stepped out for lunch at Costes with my favourite girls, Daniela, Katrina and Sofia who I don’t get the chance to see often enough.

Words to live by!

On our way back we stopped by the Racil showroom to discover her latest collection which I absolutely fell in love with.

The stunning RACIL showroom in Paris

I quickly rushed back for a buyer’s appointment with one of our retailers from the US who gave us some great feedback about our Wes Anderson Grand Budapest Hotel-inspired spring/summer 2017 collection. I am very excited to attend the BOF cocktail party this evening with my amazing friend Anum Bashir celebrating the BOF 500 in Paris and then catching up with my girls over dinner one last time before we head back!

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