Chanel Presents: Gabrielle, A Rebel At Heart

BY Alexandra Venison / Feb 23 2017 / 21:51 PM

Get inspired by the iconic designer and her legendary life

Chanel Presents: Gabrielle, A Rebel At Heart

This year female empowerment and inspiration has come in all shapes and forms. For the 18th chapter of Inside Chanel, the luxury house places the spotlight on its iconic founder with a video, “Gabrielle, A Rebel At Heart.” Taking a look into Gabrielle or as she is so fondly known Coco Chanel’s incredible life and career that paved the way for some many other women, the short film offers a whole new understanding into her legacy.

Known for her innovative ideals and ground breaking designs that not only affected the world of fashion but culture as well, the film offers up a whole host of inspirational quotes. “I decided who I wanted to be, and that is who I am” starts the video quoting Gabrielle. The piece then unravels into a myriad of statements, quotes and observations that reflected her forward thinking and free spirit, which accumulate into a breathtaking piece of film.

Watch Chapter 18: Gabrielle, a rebel at heart below and see the rest of the videos here