Kate Moss To Launch Jewellery Collaboration

BY Milli Midwood / May 15 2017 / 14:54 PM

The supermodel adds ‘jewellery designer’ to her never-ending resume

Kate Moss To Launch Jewellery Collaboration

This week, Kate Moss will launch her first limited-edition fine jewellery collection in collaboration with Brazilian designer Ara Vartanian.

The supermodel says she instantly fell in love with his bold, one-of-a-kind designs, when they met back in 2012 in São Paulo, and jumped at the opportunity to work with him. "It's clever the way Ara does extravagant jewels but makes them look modern," she told The Telegraph. "He twists it up so you don't look like an old lady wearing big diamonds; you can actually wear big diamonds and look cool. Ara always wore this pendant and he explained to me it was an amulet, which brings good energy." "When we spoke about working together I said I wanted to make more jewellery like that," Moss continues, "Pieces that have meaning and that you can wear every day."

The collection will feature 18-karat gold, rare diamond and Brazilian gemstone rings, pendants and mismatching earrings, which the model’s hints as being her favourites. "Nobody wears pairs of earrings anymore; it's old-fashioned. I like to throw it on, mix and match earrings. It's cooler when it's not styled so much," she enthuses.

The British fashion icon stars in the campaign for the new collection, which was shot at her Cotswolds home, and appears alongside Elfie Reigate, Anna Lee Gardner, Luka Isaac and Louis Baines, who are all signed to her eponymous modelling agency. Shot by Fenton Bailey, the campaign captures the free spirit of the collection. "Kate wears jewellery in a very free way," says Vartanian. "She just throws it on." 

Kate Moss x Ara Vartanian is will be available from May 17th at HarveyNichols.com