Meet The First Modest Fashion Designer On Project Runway

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Aug 29 2017 / 16:47 PM

Ayana Ife is changing the game

Meet The First Modest Fashion Designer On Project Runway

"When I first started on 'Project Runway, my main goal was, obviously, I want to win," Ayana Ife, the first Muslim contestant on American reality TV show Project Runway show told the Salt Lake Tribune. "And I really, really, really need this exposure. I want to be an acclaimed designer for the modest market. I really want to be branded that way. Not just for Muslim women - for women who love modest fashion."

The 27-year old, who was born in New York before moving to Salt Lake City originally signed up for the show to further her goals of becoming an international fashion designer but has since found herself in the role of an American-Muslim ambassador, with many fans praising her personal modest style and how she is changing perceptions of Muslim women in the States.

Ayana on the set of Project Runway

"But now that I'm actually on 'Project Runway,' the feedback I've been getting came out in a way that I didn't really expect," Ife admitted. "There's a lot of weight on my shoulders."

Competing in season 16 of the hit show presented by supermodel Heidi Klum, Ayana has already won her first challenge on the show and recieved high praise for her tailoring from judge Tim Gunn.