Milan Fashion Week Gets Political

BY Alexandra Venison / Feb 26 2017 / 15:14 PM

From a mini women’s march at Missoni to Versace sending a clear message across the Atlantic

Milan Fashion Week Gets Political

If you thought that New York would be the only fashion week to play host to designers using the runway to express their political messages, then you were wrong. Clearly feeling the heat from all the way across the Atlantic, both Missoni and Versace decided to use their runways to announce their feelings on the current climate.

Taking inspiration from the Women’s March which occurred across the globe in January, Missoni made the pink Pussyhat a true symbol of their show. Representing the protest itself and female solidarity, the Italian fashion house created their own version with the iconic Missoni zig zag knit.

From staffers donning the hats, to guests finding the gift on their chairs and instantly putting them on and the finale seeing said guests join models on the runway as Angela Missoni led the way in a mini march it was true sign of unity. In the show notes it said, “Angela Missoni communicates the femininity of our times, prepared to confront the conflicts and dilemmas of our contemporary society: the conditions, needs and rights of all women and minorities.”

Following on from this it was Versace, who decided to get their message across. Emblazoned across both clothes and accessories words like, “EQUALITY,” “COURAGE,””UNIFIED,” “LOYALTY” and “LOVE” among others promoted positivity and female empowerment.

Model and actress Amber Valletta led the way for the finale, donning a white bandana in honour of the American Civil Liberties Union - ACLU and The UN Refugee Agency - UNHCR. From protecting equality and human rights the #TiedTogether campaign which was created by the Business of Fashion, brings together industry professionals like models and designers to unify in support of these organisations.