Miu Miu Launches The Miu Miusic App

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 22 2016 / 19:26 PM

The Italian fashion house has created an app that combines music, fashion and technology

Miu Miu Launches The Miu Miusic App
Courtesy of Miu Miu

Today, Miu Miu will launch Miu Miusic, an app that creates personalised video content for consumers to keep and share across social media.

Using an original playlist – composed by DJ Frédéric Sanchez – and unique fashion-show experiences from the current season, Miu Miusic will remix a bespoke video for the user, ensuring no two clips are ever the same.

The app promises to "unlock the shape-shifting world of Miu Miu" and reveal the "exploration of the intersection between music, fashion and technology."

Miu Miusic is an application for iOS, Android and Windows devices, and can be downloaded from 1pm on Monday 22  February.

Via Harper's Bazaar UK