Here's Why ATTUALE Is Your New One-Stop Online Fashion Shop

BY Tabitha Glaysher / Jan 12 2020 / 10:20 AM

BAZAAR sat down with ATTUALE founder Giuditta Spezzapria to talk about her carefully curated, environmentally conscious approach to show-stopping fashion

Here's Why ATTUALE Is Your New One-Stop Online Fashion Shop

Here at BAZAAR we love all things fashion, a la mode and environmentally friendly, so when a brand new online concept store stands up and say’s their firm focus is on contemporary designs that boast sustainable sensibility and a culturally conscious mind-set – we listen. Enter ATTUALE. Chic from the brand name onwards, ‘Attuale’ is the Italian word for contemporary - and boy, do they deliver. The portfolio of brands represented by Giuditta Spezzapria’s luxury ecommerce site have been carefully curated for their environmentally conscious approach to show-stopping fashion.

We sat down with the founder to talk all things ATTUALE, empowering women and style. After many, many hours of deliberation we also managed to narrow down the treasure trove of apparel to our top three, but we recommend you head to ATTUALE yourself to make your own mind up...

Harper's BAZAAR Arabia: What was the jumping point of inspiration to launch ATTUALE?
Giuditta Spezzapria: The eagerness to spread positive and encouraging messages; through fashion and beauty in a contemporary way. And through technology, to reach a wider audience.
HBA: How would Giuditta describe her own personal style?
GS: Simple, with some touches from time to time. And definitely a must - comfortability.
HBA: What are Giuditta’s key pieces from the site?
GS: At the moment, I’m living in SLVRLAKE and haven’t taken off Ayede’s boots.
HBA: How and why will ATTUALE be a pioneer of environmentally friendly retail in a world of fast fashion and unsustainable ecommerce?
GS: Reducing – encouraging ‘slow, considered shopping’ and ‘buy better’, to build one’s wardrobe with key investment pieces. Supporting – adopting a conscious approach to business. Because we care – about our causes, values and people.
HBA: ATTUALE looks to create a network of passionate, empowered women. Whow is the ultimate, empowering ATTUALE woman?
GS: She is confident, she is real. She is every woman in her most confident self.
HBA: What is an ATTUALE woman wearing and doing for the ultimate festive night out?
GS: She is wearing her favourite outfit, that truly reflects her personality; and she is enjoying herself – acknowledging and appreciating her surroundings.



ATTUALE Christopher Esber Silk Dress, Dhs3,820

ATTUALE Paris Georgia Theodora Dress, Dhs2,560

ATTUALE A.Emery Willow Sandals, Dhs430

All Images courtesy of ATTUALE