The Cost Of Carrie Bradshaw's Iconic Tutu Skirt Is Revealed

BY Alexandra Venison / Jan 11 2017 / 19:22 PM

And Sex and the City fans can now get one for themselves

The Cost Of Carrie Bradshaw's Iconic Tutu Skirt Is Revealed

Whether you were a diehard fan or simply fluttered through the episodes of Sex and the City, one things for sure you’ll remember the white tutu that Carrie Bradshaw in the opening credits. You can now recreate the scene running through the streets of New York City paired with a tank top and stiletto heels, with your very own Carrie Bradshaw tutu skirt.

Created by famed wardrobe designer Patricia Field the tutu is an exact replica of the one featured on the show back in 1998 and is available on her website Opening up to Fern Mallis for WWD in a recent interview, Field said that she found the original ballet skirt in a showroom bin for under Dhs20 ($5). However, she is now selling the replicas for just over Dhs500 ($140).

Although the ballet tutu was in fact a bargain find, Field also went on to discuss other Carrie pieces and revealed they fell at the opposite end of the cost spectrum. This of course included Carrie’s famed addiction to Manolo Blahnik heels and her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress which cost a reported Dhs58,000 ($15,750).

Having won various awards for her costume design for not only Sex and the City but also cult classic The Devil Wears Prada, Field is famed for her outlandish styling. Therefore it only makes sense that she would ensure her vision was available to fans looking to celebrate the show and its iconic style.