This Is The Hat Brand All Of The It Girls Are Wearing

BY Chrissy Rutherford / Jun 5 2017 / 20:20 PM

Ruslan Baginskiy is a milliner to watch

This Is The Hat Brand All Of The It Girls Are Wearing

Is there any better luck than catching the eye of an It girl when you're a new designer? Such good fortune is the case for Kiev-based designer, Ruslan Baginskiy whose unique hats have landed on the stylish heads of Bella Hadid, Chiara Ferragni and Aimee Song, just to name a few.

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Baginskiy launched his namesake label in 2012 while he was working as a stylist in his hometown of Lviv. Prior to that he always had a soft spot for headwear. "My family shared my passion, and when I was a little kid I always admired hats my grandparents were wearing. I remember a moment when my grandma and I were passing by the hat atelier, that was the first moment when I thought about that as my possible future," Baginskiy told us over e-mail.

The milliner, whose handmade hats range from feminine straw boaters to edgy leather page boy, draws inspiration from architecture to geometry, travel and exoticism, as well as nature. "Flowers, feathers, the sea, animals and vegetation offers inspiring forms and styles that can be endlessly updated for new creations," says Baginsky.

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"When I was starting my career I was a big fan of Philip Treacy's and Alexander McQueen's works, so they made a big influence on my early designs. Now my biggest inspiration are girls like Beyoncé, Bella [Hadid] and Lady Gaga, because they are forming the culture of our generation!"

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And playing off the young generation that inspires him, Baginskiy sells his hats through Instagram. The milliner does not have an official e-commerce website, instead posts photos of his latest creations, and provides contact phone number and e-mail to make a purchase, and offers worldwide shipping.

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