The Theme For The 2018 Met Gala Has Been Announced

BY Maddison Glendinning / Aug 7 2017 / 21:10 PM

And it's set to be another controversial year

The Theme For The 2018 Met Gala Has Been Announced

If there's one event on the fashion calendar that Team Bazaar consistently looks forward to, it's the Met Gala. The guest list and outfits alone are enough to make our couture-loving hearts swoon and we count down to the first Monday in May every year. 

The theme of the event sets the tone for the whole evening and there have been some standout evenings in years past. This year's theme revolved around Commes de Garçon designer Rei Kawakubo which sadly resulted in a rather lack-lustre effort on behalf of some of our favourite celebrities to stick to the theme leading us to hope that they might put a little more effort into next year's costume.

And it looks like they'll have plenty of time to start planning, as WWD is reporting that the theme has been announced. According to the online publication, the 2018 theme will be 'Fashion and Religion.' 

Given the references to religion in the work of Dolce & Gabbana and Jean Paul Gaultier over the years, and the fact that Gucci recently staged a catwalk show in Westminster Abbey, it seems like we could be in for a stellar sartorial event next year.

The Met is yet to officially comment on the theme, but several insiders close to the organisation have confirmed the news to WWD

Watch this space.