This Aussie Jewellery Brand Just Landed In The Middle East And We’re Poor Just Thinking About It

BY Milli Midwood / Sep 11 2019 / 12:20 PM

Hurry up, pay day

This Aussie Jewellery Brand Just Landed In The Middle East And We’re Poor Just Thinking About It

VALÉRE, the ultra-chic and seriously on-trend jewellery brand hailing from Australia has just landed in the UAE and we couldn’t be more excited.

Founded by business woman Samantha Lowe who always had a passion for gemstones and felt compelled to start her own label after she constantly found herself doodling jewellery illustrations during her day job. “I knew I had to create and bring to life something that was directly from my heart which would make women feel beautiful when they wore my jewellery,” she tells BAZAAR.

VALÉRE literally translates to ‘to be of worth’ in Latin, a core value of the brand’s. “My grandmother’s name was also Valerie Worth – so the name has an extra special meaning for me. When I was naming the label, I wanted it to represent my grandmother who was a strong female presence in my life. I’m very sentimental like that,” says Lowe.

“The VALÉRE woman is feminine, romantic, confident and alluring. She loves to wear jewellery as an expression of herself. She doesn’t follow trends, she sets them. She is alluring and inspiring, she draws people to her and inspires expression through fashion.”

Chunky gold chains, which, unless you’ve been living under a sartorial rock, have been one of the biggest accessory trends of the season. “To me fashion and in particular jewellery is about being unique and expressing your individuality – so my message to women is: be bold and daring and wear the maximalist jewellery,” says Lowe on her designs.

“Our resort 20 collection named ‘Voyage’ launches in October 2019 and is more bold and slightly skewed to be more masculine in nature with emerald cut gemstone, sharply defined forms, strong use of knotted elements and deep rich colours. It will be available on Ounass.”

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