How To Wear Colour If You Live In Black

BY Natasha Harding / Jul 12 2017 / 03:49 AM

Because not all of us can be Iris Apfel

How To Wear Colour If You Live In Black

Take a step out of your sartorial comfort zone (also known as ‘black’) and live life on the greener side of the fence. Here is how to wear colour like the fashion set:

First thing’s first: Save yourself a lot of frustration/buyer’s remorse by finding out which colours suit your complexion the most and shop those shades on rotation. If your skin has warm undertones, opt for earthy-tones (e.g. orange, yellow and olive green), and if you’re cool, try rich jewel hues (e.g. deep emerald, ruby and sapphire). Alternatively, if you’re neutral, you can wear all of the above. An easy way to tell which category you fall into is to check your veins. If they look more red/blue, you’re cool-toned. But if they appear slightly green, you’re warm. Can’t tell? Then you’re probably neutral.

If you love a colour but it doesn’t suit your complexion, wear it on the bottom half of your outfit, in either a skirt or pant form, and pair with a neutral/monochrome piece up top.

Start small and build up. Rome wasn’t built in day and, if you’re used to wearing head-to-toe black, you’re not about to go walking around town in full fuchsia. At least, not immediately. The easiest way to begin incorporating vibrant colours into your outfits is by focusing on one piece at a time, be it a statement coat or a contrasting dress, pick one piece and own it. Colour blocking comes later.

For those who still really can’t imagine jumping on board the colour-pop train, fear not. It’s not the only way to get to Colour Town. Simply swap your beloved black basics for darker shaded pieces, in deep navy, crimson or tobacco tones, or your whites for subtle pastel hues such as duck-egg blue, baby pink, mint or daffodil.

If a bold bright dress sounds too much, go even smaller. Think: A zesty pair of pumps or treat yourself to a statement-hued bag.

Via Harper's Bazaar Australia