Maje's Autumn/Winter 18 Collection Urges You To Experiment With Your Fashion Identity

BY Sara Tardiff / Sep 30 2018 / 15:35 PM

A reminder that fashion is supposed to be about fun

Maje's Autumn/Winter 18 Collection Urges You To Experiment With Your Fashion Identity

The Parisian fashion house just turned 20-years-old and to celebrate, their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection captures the spirit of self-discovery that comes with your twenties. The only way to define your own fashion identity is by trying out different personas – and with a range of structured office-wear, high-brow athleisure, and playful statement accessories, Maje creates the perfect opportunity to experiment, regardless of age.

Between work, the gym, travel, and having a social life – every woman must adapt her style to her surroundings. Maje encourages you to mix and match as much as possible, their newest collection blurring the lines between day and nightwear, lounge and office attire, sensible and trend-driven. It's not just about layering garments this season, it's about layering styles.

Seventies elements can be found throughout the collection, with corduroy, denim, and statement collars becoming wardrobe staples, while hints of leather and fringe give some edge to more structured looks. Chunky knitwear is an obvious choice for autumn, but Maje approached their sweater design with relaxed draping and oversized sleeves that create a truly unique shape.

Their futuristic W20 sneakers take the edge off of more symmetrical looks, giving a pantsuit a slightly more laidback feel or upgrading a jeans-and-sweater uniform. Form and functionality also come together with their upgraded handbag collection, featuring everything from fringe to knitwear pieces.

As long as you embrace the fun of fashion, according to Maje there are no right or wrong sartorial choices. Explore the rest of their Autumn/Winter 18 collection below.