Haneen Saber’s First Jewellery Collection Pays Homage To Islamic History

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / May 4 2017 / 18:08 PM

We take a look at the history-inspired creations of Saudi jewellery designer Haneen Saber

Haneen Saber’s First Jewellery Collection Pays Homage To Islamic History

Just in time for Ramadan, Saudi jewellery designer Haneen Saber debuts her first collection, whose traditional shapes and motifs reflect her background as an art history student. A native of Jeddah, Saber studied history of art and architecture at SOAS University in London before moving to Florence to learn jewellery making. Combining the two disciplines, Saber looked back at the greatest civilizations of the past to design a range of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and charms that are replete with historical references.


A necklace from Haneen Saber's first jewellery collection

Haneen Saber

From the Umayyad Dynasty to the Egyptian Fatimid period and the Crusades, Saber found inspiration in significant moments that shaped or influence Islamic history. “It was whilst I was completing my Masters in the History of Islamic Art and Architecture that I decided to create my first collection of jewellery,” she says. “I came across manuscripts of old Quranic parchments decorated with ornaments illuminated in the most vibrant colours of royal blue and fuchsia and that’s when I envisioned the idea of recreating this into jewellery that reflects art and history.” With their vintage aesthetic and intricate workmanship, her creations look like chic and modern versions of heirloom pieces out of your grandmother’s jewellery box.