This Is What A 187.7-Carat Diamond Looks Like

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / May 22 2016 / 15:57 PM

Think we just found our new best friend...

This Is What A 187.7-Carat Diamond Looks Like

There are big diamonds (which we're of course accustomed to here in the Middle East) and then there are big diamonds, like this giant one that's currently on a world tour. No really, it's been in London and New York, and is now on its way to Antwerp and Tel Aviv in search of the highest bidder. 

Bloomberg reports that the monster stone, called Foxfire (how delightful) was "found in the depths of the sub-Arctic ice, where gem-quality diamonds aren't even supposed to exist" and that it's incredibly rare. 

Bids are set to be unsealed on June 1, so if you want to make this not-at-all little gem your own, you'll need to move quick. - Maddison Glendinning