This Fine Jewellery Brand Just Launched A New Luxury Collection In The Middle East

BY Kasia Truscott / Nov 7 2019 / 10:35 AM

House of K’dor has just released its stunning new collection for the first time in the region

This Fine Jewellery Brand Just Launched A New Luxury Collection In The Middle East

Australian fine jewellery brand, House of K'dor, has just launched a brand new collection in the Middle East, making it the first time the brand has branched out into the region. K'dor's elegant new Emirati collection includes a beautiful range of impressive statement pieces, such as gemstone cocktail rings with sapphires, morganites, emeralds and rubies. 

BAZAAR spoke to creative director Zena K'dor, who exclusively told us that, "What I love about this collection is how it encapsulates pieces that mix marquise, pear, cushion and round cuts of [different coloured] diamonds to make their brilliance really dance against the skin. Our pieces are born to be worn in this sunny climate."

Zena also revealed the personal connection and authentic reasoning behind the decision to bring K'Dor to the Middle East. "My husband Tarick [founder of K'Dor] and I are of Arabian heritage ourselves, so we’ll always have that emotional connection to the region," she explained. 

"We are inspired by the Middle East's natural beauty, like stunning desert sunsets, rolling pearlescent dunes and lush gardens - as much as the intriguing fusion of traditional and modern architecture. The lifestyle here also has a terrific pulse, a mix of Arabian heritage marching to an international beat."

Zena continued, "Middle Eastern women understand how to make opulence look modern; they are the epitome of sophistication. They appreciate colour and sparkle, yet can wear it in a pared back way by mixing statement jewellery pieces with classic tailoring and clean, soft lines."

"House of K’dor pieces are both at once traditional and unique, which means they look at home with a statement gown for events as much as a smart jacket or dress for day. Whether a Middle Eastern woman is going to work or dressing for a family lunch, there is always room for K’dor in her life."

House of K'dor's Emirati collection is available to view online at, and can be shopped privately by contacting