Natural Themes Reign In Harry Winston’s Latest Timepieces

BY Sophie Stevens / May 2 2017 / 17:26 PM

Brand heritage and innovative techniques are fused together in the recently debuted collections

Natural Themes Reign In Harry Winston’s Latest Timepieces
Courtesy Harry Winston
The "Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom" watch with diamonds, pink sapphires and mother-of-pearl

A lover of nature himself, Mr Winston frequently reinterpreted its themes for his jewellery and watch designs. The Avenue Classic Cherry Blossom continues this tradition, with the New York jeweller taking motifs from Japan’s Sakura season.

The brief seasonal blooming of the sakura cherry tree’s pink and white blossoms is reimagined through diamond and coloured sapphire buds, against a mother-of-pearl backdrop simulating the clouds of a blustery spring day. The surrounding diamond-set frame interprets the elegant shape of the brand’s Fifth Avenue salon’s stately façade, with the three supporting arches of its entrance way depicted at 12 and 6 o’clock.

Harry Winston Midnight Diamond Drops Automatic

Harry Winston's Midnight Diamond Drops Automatic watch, from Dhs 112,000

Jumping from spring to winter is the Midnight Diamond Drops timepiece, depicting a freezing night with a flurry of diamond snowdrops accenting the dial. Heralding from the Midnight Collection, the model once again calls on Mr Winston’s love of nature whilst drawing on another heritage theme – that of the blue Hope Diamond. Harry Winston once owned this legendary 45.52-carat gem that now sits in New York’s Smithsonian Institution, and the deep blue dial of this timepiece provides a subtle nod to the jeweller’s major historical diamond role.

Taking its natural themes to a whole new level is the dial of Harry Winston’s Premier Delicate Silk Automatic. Considered the most precious natural fabric, silk was first developed in ancient China over 4,000 years ago and has been reinterpreted by Harry Winston using a technique never before seen in the material’s production. 

Harry Winston Premier Delicate Silk Automatic

Harry Winston's Premier Delicate Silk Automatic watch, from Dhs 150,000

The brand worked closely with technicians to encourage the silkworm to weave its own fabric without the interaction of humans. This delicate, small specimen of completely raw silk was then dyed one of four colours and serves as the background of the dial. A master embosser then stamped the 18- or 22-karat gold floral-inspired design onto the raw silk dial, the whole of which is enclosed by the signature Harry Winston diamond-set frame.