111SKIN: What You Need To Know About The Skincare Line Celebrities Can’t Stop Talking About

BY Caty Penza / Jun 18 2020 / 14:00 PM

There’s good reason why you’re seeing these skincare products all over your favourite supermodels' Instagram accounts...

111SKIN: What You Need To Know About The Skincare Line Celebrities Can’t Stop Talking About

When it comes to A-Listers and their skincare routines, only one thing matters: whatever methods they subscribe to, whatever products they use, they need to look absolutely flawless when they’re in front of the camera. It's paramount for an individual who is constantly in the spotlight to look refreshed, awake and, of course, youthful – three traits that are almost always reflected within the health of one's complexion.

Celebrities, after all, can afford just about anything when it comes to looking ravishing on the red carpet, whether it’s a coveted appointment with a well-known – but, of course, very discrete – dermatologist or a week away at a luxury wellness center in the Swiss Alps. So, why would they opt for a sheet mask when any cosmetic treatment is just a phone call away? 

Enter 111SKIN: the new skincare line that has been uniting celebrities from all over the world and whose fanbase includes the likes of Elissa, Cyrine Abdelnour, Aimée Sayah and Lana El Sahely, along with other regional stars.

Image courtesy of Instagram/aimeesayah

The secret is out, as everyone from fashion's inner circle to award-winning actors and musicians can't stop sharing images of themselves using the miracle products across their social media accounts.

But the real fascination lies within the story behind 111SKIN, a truly remarkable and honourable tale of a doctor that wanted to create a quality product that could help heal the skin.

Image courtesy of Instagram/afefjnifen

In June 2012 Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, a British and American board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial reconstructive and restorative surgery, founded the line with humble intentions.

After gaining years of experience in post-procedural healing and working in one of the biggest trauma centres in the United States, Jackson Memorial Hospital (University of Miami), he set out on the task of creating a skincare line that included in-depth healing properties within its ingredients.

Image courtesy of Instagram/cyrineanour

After researching the damage that environmental free-radicals (such as radiation, sun damage, pollutants, to name a few) can do to the skin, he came out with a formula called NAC Y2, which would later act as the foundation for his entire skincare line. The formula worked wonders with its an anti-aging properties and could dramatically heal skin that had experience traumatic injuries.

Appropriately named 111SKIN after the address of Dr. Yannis’ Harley Street clinic, a demand soon grew for the skincare line that contained this potent elixir. Soon after the line launched with a select amount of products within its range at Harrods’ Beauty Hall (which soon garnered buzz from A-List celebrities like Bella Hadid and Margot Robbie) and the rest is history.

Image courtesy of Instagram/elissazkh

Leading retailers and spas around the world (including Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales) currently stock the line, with its most popular products including the Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask (formulated to target fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area), the Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask (it contains both colloidal gold and rose to help soothe any irritation and redness) and Y Theorem Bio Cellulose Facial Mask (a healing treatment that contains peptides and is designed to repair and rejuvenate skin).

Image courtesy of Instagram/lanaelsahely

And if you’re looking to really indulge in some 111SKIN goodness, you can book in for a spa day at either the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira or Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. Both locations offer revolutionary spa concepts that include aesthetic performance face and body treatments (sign us up!), combined with medically-inspired and innovative skincare technology.

Either way ot's easy to understand why A-Listers, from all over the world, can't get enough of 111SKIN - especially if it can solve a plethora of skincare woes without having to book in for appointments, consultations and treatments. Or, you know, leave your home.

111SKIN is available for purchase Harvey Nichols (harveynichols.com), Bloomingdales (bloomingdales.ae – launching June 21), Mandarin Oriental and Sharjah Ladies Club. For more information visit 111SKIN.com

Lead image courtesy of Instagram/111SKIN

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