Kim Kardashian West Is Launching A Podcast With Spotify

BY Caty Penza / Jun 18 2020 / 10:00 AM

The reality television sensation, entrepreneur and lawyer-to-be plans on discussing a hot topic that she is personally involved with on her new series

Kim Kardashian West Is Launching A Podcast With Spotify

Kim Kardashian West is following in the footsteps of Joe Rogan and has snagged a podcast deal with one of the biggest music streaming providers on the planet.

According to The Verge, Kim, who is a vocal advocate for criminal justice reform, has entered into a deal with Spotify with plans to produce and host a series on criminal justice, with a specific focus on a case that has grabbed international attention.

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The podcast will shed light on Kim's involvement in the case of Kevin Keith, a man who was convicted of taking three lives in 1994 but has always denied the crime he was convicted of in court.

Kim will be co-producer and co-host, working along side Lori Rothschild Ansaldi who will also showcase her investigative work into the depths of the case.

It remains unclear just how much the reality star-turned-trainee-lawyer will be paid for her work on the series.

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