Fatma Al Hashimi Talks Empowerment And Expression On Emirati Women's Day

BY Shanai Tanwar / Aug 28 2020 / 15:30 PM

The designer and entrepreneur founded HASH Designs as a home business, a project that has gained huge momentum since its inception

Fatma Al Hashimi Talks Empowerment And Expression On Emirati Women's Day

HASH Design is a distinct boutique concept launched by the Emirati Fatma Al Hashimi, known for its prêt-à-porter, custom-made outfits as well as Arabic local combined with a touch of modern abaya designs. The brand fuses international inspiration with national pride to create simple, elegant designs. Fatma speaks to Bazaar about her venture, staying inspired and creativity here...

Harper's Bazaar Arabia (HBA): According to you, how has modest fashion evolved over time?

Fatma Al Hashimi (FAH): Modest fashion, in general, doesn’t just have a religious purpose; it's a a concept that places the comfort of the wearer at the foremost. For me, modest fashion presents women’s personality in an enhanced way and reflect her style in elegance and grace. Over the last few years, modest fashion has seen a major evolution, both in its style and in attaining its recognisable place withn the fashion industry.

HBA: What does fashion mean to you, and why is it your chosen form of creative expression?

FAH: Fashion is my identity,  a craft that I am very proud of. It’s more than just clothes you wear; for me, fashion expresses personality. It is for this reason that all my designs are personalised and have a distinctive touch to them. Fashion is a lifestyle, and an ultimate source of artistic and creative expression for me. Creating unique pieces that are appreciated by the customers gives me a great boost of confidence and increases my sense of responsibility towards fashion.

HBA: Since you own a brand yourself, how easy/difficult was it to adapt to dominantly e-commerce in the COVID era?

FAH: We’ve been future-ready since the very inception. HASH actually started as an e-commerce enterprise back in 2016, with a huge success. We are now back to e-commerce as it helps caters the needs of the consumers from anywhere in the world while being safe. Sizes of the dresses is probably the only difficulty that customers face in the entire selection and purchase process of outfits. Nonetheless, HASH is striving to cater to the consumers’ needs and help buyers overcome any issue they may face.

HBA: What advice would you like to share with aspiring female entrepreneurs?

FAH: One must believe in his or her passion. Talent is crucial too and the only ingredient you need to turn any dream into reality. This is what I followed and achieved in my goals. No matter what challenges or hardships you face, never stop believing in what makes you feel empowered. Moreover, understanding your key audience is crucial because they are the people who will help you succeed. It is your passion combined with the motivation from your target audience that will help you continue aspiring high and achieving more. As long as you love what you are doing, everyone will love it.

HBA: What makes your brand unique? ​

FAH: HASH is a modern and classy brand. We create designs and styles based on Arabian/Emirati traditions with a unique touch of comfort, simplicity, and elegance. These components and attention to detail provide our buyers with the finest pieces and that is what makes us unique.

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