Laura Farrier Will Be Live on Bazaar's Virtual Retreat

BY Laura Kell / Apr 7 2020 / 10:00 AM

She'll be guiding a meditation and chanting masterclass, and will be answering your questions on wellness at 16:00 on April 7

Laura Farrier Will Be Live on Bazaar's Virtual Retreat

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia's Virtual Retreat is in full swing.

We're hosting a series of self-improvement masterclasses and are welcoming world-class industry experts to share their insight - and all you'll need is your phone to join in.

We’re going live on our Instagram account @harpersbazaararabia throughout the week with various activities, tutorials and talks, covering a range of topics from cooking and wellness to skincare and fitness from the best in the business.

Our next Bazaar Virtual Retreat masterclass will be hosted by Laura Farrier, founder of Laura Farrier Yoga (@laurafarrieryoga)

Laura teaches studio classes at Zen Yoga and works with private clients to help create an individual practice safely and healthier lifestyle. She also teaches corporate yoga classes and gives talks and demonstrations at company events, all of which promote better concentration, communication, and mental wellbeing in stressful work environments.

Tune in on Tuesday, April 7 at 16:00 to watch Laura Farrier's masterclass "Meditation and Chanting with Laura Farrier."

We look forward to bringing you along on the journey.

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Lead image courtesy of instagram/laurafarrieryoga