Rami Al Ali Has Launched An Inspiring Initiative To Spread Hope During These Trying Times

BY Sarah Joseph / Jul 1 2020 / 08:30 AM

Creators at Home gives a whole new meaning to the expression "All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go"

Rami Al Ali Has Launched An Inspiring Initiative To Spread Hope During These Trying Times

As people around the world find new ways to inspire themselves and keep motivated during these trying times, Syrian-born designer Rami Al Ali asked local artists to express themselves through a photoshoot at home during the past few weeks using creations from the last couture collection.

Image of Lana Albeik

"These artists represent a new generation of modern creators and having them shooting Couture gowns at home was quite decadent and unexpected." shared fashion designer, Rami Al Ali. "We wanted to provoke their creativity and see what is the new cool though their lenses."

With fashion being a symbol of hope, what better way to escape to an oasis of creativity, than with these enchanting gowns while exploring the imagination with the limitation of tools around at home in a photoshoot.

Various artists such as Lana Albeik, a Syrian-Palestinian fashion model based in Dubai; Prod Antzoulis, a famous photographer based in Dubai that worked on shoots for international brands such as Gucci and Saint Laurent Paris had Katrine Hanna as his muse; and Parvané Barret, a French-Persian DJ all took place in this special campaign.

Image of Parvane

"A magical twist to quarantining at home. Putting this on & getting my makeup done made me feel like a fairy even though I had nowhere to go." says Lana Albeik. "Being able to still do fun creative work from home is a privilege, especially with Rami Al Ali." 

The outcome was impeccable and nothing less than a magazine photoshoot all within the comforts of their home capturing the embellished silhouettes from Rami Al Ali’s Spring Summer  couture’s 2020 collection.

"My experience during quarantine has been all about finding ways to transport myself in time through the use of fashion." expresses Dubai-based fashion photographer, Prod Antzoulis. "In this case it was playing with a muse and playing with a spectacular Rami al Ali gown that felt very 1980s inspired!"

You can browse through the collection on ramialali.com

Lead image courtesy of Prod Antzoulis

Images Supplied

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