Romani’s Newest Collection Is As Dramatic As This Classic 1980’s Soap Opera

BY Sarah Joseph / Jul 28 2020 / 11:00 AM

The brand creates a bold vision with eye-catching pieces that emulate strong characters, just like the leading ladies of the 1980’s television show Dynasty

Romani’s Newest Collection Is As Dramatic As This Classic 1980’s Soap Opera

While Dubai-based brand Romani only made its debut a few years ago, its pieces have been worn by nearly every important tastemaker within the region. Daring yet feminine, the clothing label encompasses an element of nostalgia within it that we can’t quite put our finger on… until now.

As we see a resurrection of silhouettes from the 1980’s on both the catwalk and virtual showcase space, within the past few months Jordanian designer, Haya Jarrar also seems to be taking a page out of a very retro playbook...

Romani FW 2020 collection

The brand is making a comeback by reimagining an era in modern style where excess, glam and big shoulders reigned supreme.

Featuring sparkly details and big feathered sleeves, Romani pays homage to popular American 1980’s television series Dynasty within its latest collection. All the pieces within the collection are named after characters within the show, who were style icons within their own right back in the day.

The Sustainable Love handbag

As a part of the collection Romani will also be launching the Sustainable Love handbag, using left over exotic fabrics to bring this exquisite piece to life in a bid of upcycle leftover materials.

The brand has received positive feedback over the years and continues to create covetable pieces for their clientele. From metallic cropped blazers to sleeves with plumes, the collection sources inspiration from some of the memorable trendsetters of the time.

The collection will be launching soon on

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