Spotify Will Now Curate A Custom Workout Playlist Just For You

BY Sarah Joseph / Jul 14 2020 / 10:02 AM

All you need to do is complete a short quiz…

Spotify Will Now Curate A Custom Workout Playlist Just For You

Staying motivated and active while working up a sweat can be tough, especially if you’re stuck in a musical rut and keep listening to the same playlist for every workout session.

Spotify has recently launched a new initiative with an interactive feature that will generated a fresh, new playlist tailored specifically to your next sweat session. All you need to do is take a quiz which consists of a few simple questions (i.e. type of exercises, workout length, who they’re working out with, intensity level and workout mood).

To spruce up the playlist, users can even select a mix media option which includes both music and podcasts.

“Listeners have created more than 800,000 workout playlists in the last 28 days, and for those who could use some inspiration, we hope that by offering fresh, personalized workout playlists, we’ll help boost motivation and keep spirits high,” Spotify’s Trends Expert Shanon Cook said.

According to the music streaming plat, the top song users are working out to is “Roses Imanbek Remix” by SAINt JHN and Imanbek, which takes the top spot for both men and women both globally and across the UAE.

So next time you’re ready to pump some iron or hit the spin bike, do a little quiz before you start and you’ll have your own workout playlist designed especially for workout needs.

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