Behind The Lens: Prada's Pre-Fall 2020 Campaign by David Sims

BY Sarah Joseph / Jun 17 2020 / 09:01 AM

Model Freja Beha Erichsen plays the role of muse in a monochromatic dream world infused with bright colours, energy and artistry at every turn, shot by famed photographer David Sims

Behind The Lens: Prada's Pre-Fall 2020 Campaign by David Sims

Well known for capturing movement within his work David Sims, one of fashion’s most famous photographers, has beautifully harnessed the power of the surreal and Freja’s energy via saturated pops of color within Prada’s Pre-Fall 2020 campaign.

Styled by Olivier Rizzo the campaign was shot in London on February 13 before being painted in New York, adding an element of artistic magic to the images.

Freja – who is known for her powerful expressions and strong energy – is adorned in bold patterns and bright colours, bringing the collection to life.

Fans of the brand were overjoyed at the pairing of Sims and Prada. Fashion industry forum website, The Fashion Spot, reported the campaign was a hit with its members.

“We’ve endured several underwhelming Willy Vanderperre campaigns, witnessed a Drew Vickers and Keizo Kitajima pairing and tolerated Jamie Hawkesworth’s Spring 2020 offering. Following the news that Raf Simons is the brand’s new co-creative director, change is once again in the air over at Prada,” reads a blogpost on the forum, before sharing a few snippets of fans sharing their excitement and appreciation for the new campaign.

From splashes of cerulean blue to tangerine orange the campaign images convey themes of strength, positivity and creativity, transporting its viewer to an otherworld where colour and style usher in hope to an uncertain present.

Images supplied.

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