These Dubai-Based Designers Have Teamed Up With Nike To Create Sustainable Face Masks and Accessories

BY Mathilde Haugnaess / Jul 27 2020 / 13:00 PM

SOUND.On’s Leen Nizameddin and One and Four Studio’s Engy Mahdy are upcycling old football jerseys into stylish tote bags and face covers

These Dubai-Based Designers Have Teamed Up With Nike To Create Sustainable Face Masks and Accessories

With face masks now playing an important role in the way we get dressed in the morning, many of us are looking for a more stylish option than the dreaded blue surgical mask when keeping our faces covered while out in public. Unfortunately, many masks (including the blue ones) are not made from environmentally friendly materials. Disposable masks, gloves and other PPE materials are quickly filling our oceans, leading many brands and designers to shift their focus to creating more sustainable options – including some of the biggest names in the apparel industry.

As a part of its commitment to becoming a zero carbon and zero waste company, Nike has partnered with two of Dubai’s leading designers in a bid to upcycled unused football jerseys into face covers and tote bags.

Leen Nizameddin, founder of SOUND.ON streetwear, and Engy Mahdy, founder of, One and Four Studio are teaming up with the sportswear powerhouse in a commitment to doing their part in providing the region with sustainable face masks.

“Nike’s Move to Zero plan, focuses on holistic sustainability by promoting zero waste and zero carbon. When creating the designs for my upcycled masks, I knew I needed to really translate that concept into reality in a simple yet innovative way,” Leen Nizameddin said.

“All three masks really highlight the creativity up-cycling can bring forth, similar to Nike’s ethos which works to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete.”

Nike’s Mall of the Emirates store recently reopened its doors and celebrated the new initiative by displaying Leen and Engy’s work to the public. Supporters of the cause included Emirati Footballer, Omar Abdulrahman (a.k.a. Amoory) who attended the reopening and received a customised mask.

The brand also announced the launch of its Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit, its most sustainable pair of shoes developed by the brand to date, now available in stores – which also happens to be the source of inspiration for the tote bag Engy created.

"The Nike Air Vapormax shoe is the embodiment of circular design and recycled materials, hence when designing the reusable tote I drew direct inspiration from the shoe design and the organic lines it incorporates,” founder of One and Four Studio Engy Mahdy said, elaborating on her creation.

“This allowed for a way to divide the bag into sections utilising the different coloured jerseys that needed to be upcycled.”

Nike’s Mall of The Emirates store is now open seven days a week from 10:00 – 22:00. Customers who are interested to learn more about the brand’s sustainable products specially curated for the UAE are welcome to stop by the store for more information.

Masks are available at Nike’s MOE store for Dhs49. For more information visit

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