#ChicEats: Chival Global Social

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Mar 2 2017 / 20:03 PM

Bazaar checks out the newest restaurant to open in La Ville Hotel and Suites City Walk

#ChicEats: Chival Global Social
Beets & Lentils

“Be yourself” is the dress code at Chival Global Social located in the recently opened and ultra chic La Ville Hotel and Suites City Walk. Walking through the lobby of the hotel, it therefore comes as no surprise that you instantly feel at ease the second you enter Chival. With light and airy vibe, crisp white decor and floor to ceiling glass doors pushed open to the garden and views of the Burj Khalifa, it's a true reflection of Executive Chef David Schaumburger's relaxed and casual ethos. 

Chival Global Social

Chival follows the global trend for offering organic, carefully-sourced produce. The dishes have roots in a variety of cultures, a result of Schaumburger’s diverse team of handpicked chefs who bring Mesoamerican, European and Syrian flavours to his own Franco-German flair.

The appetisers offer a great, unfussy mix. We dip fresh pita bread into fluffy Hummus, alongside Beets & Lentils, a crimson visual treat and even more so from the taste buds. The beetroot is marinated when it’s hot, which infuses flavours all the way through contrasting the crunch of the salad and smoothness of the puree and lentils showcasing a harmony of textures.

The Meso America Ceviche – cold shrimp with sweet potato, radish and citrus – serves as a refreshing precursor to the main course, with a tart burst of citrus flavours. 

Poached Atlantic Salmon

Schaumburger shows a great reverence for the food, unsurprising as he is the son of a butcher. He jokingly shares how his father dreads the sight of him cleaning the meat. “Respect, respect!” he shouts when he sees him shave anything off. But meat is undoubtedly his forte with the Beef Tenderloin being delicious and wholesome. Served with vegetables infused with the meat’s juices and flecked with a traditional salt-and-pepper rub, the fillet is so rich in flavour it sings.

Tuna Tataki and Cucumber Salad follows with subtle Asian flavours that don’t need to shout to be heard and the Poached Atlantic Salmon on a stack of spiralised zucchini noodles melts in your mouth.

Mille Feuille

When it comes to the desserts the Mille Feuille is a visual delight, layers of mixed-berry goodness between light, crunchy puff pastry, paired with smooth vanilla curd and fruit compote. Take a spoonful and it’s a party in your mouth with the dehydrated cake also adding a unique texture to the dessert.

A concept unique to Chival is botanical water, drawing on ancient cultures that believed in the healing properties of crystals. We suggest trying the rose crystal and labradorite-infused water, said to have a calming effect on the heart and mind.

Botanical water

If you plan a visit to Chival (which you should), Schaumburger recommends Pea Soup, Beets & Lentils and Tuna Tataki. “I cook what I love,” he says. And that’s exactly how he made us feel as we were dining.

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