Fouz Al Fahad

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Mar 1 2017 / 20:06 PM

26, Kuwaiti

Fouz Al Fahad

Despite her certified style icon status (at the time of press she had 1.7 million Instagram followers), influencer and businesswoman Fouz Al Fahad says that it wasn’t until after her school days that she developed an interest in fashion. “Growing up I went to a very strict high school that allowed us to be in an educational bubble. After graduating I got to experience the real world and began meeting people with different tastes and style and that’s when I started exploring what I liked.”

Fast-forward and she’s now one of the most recognisable faces in the Middle Eastern fashion scene, the owner of two businesses in Kuwait and the UAE, and regularly travels across the globe. Living out of a suitcase can be sartorially taxing at times Fouz tells Bazaar, saying, “It’s difficult when you have a hectic schedule, especially when you’re travelling and you always have to have the perfect outfit before an event. ”

Now a professional when it comes to packing her suitcase, she says that she’s learnt some important lessons along the way. “I was attending a dinner in Dubai once, flying in from Kuwait, and before heading out I realised that my dress had been washed in the washing machine and instead of it being a dress, it had turned into a T-shirt. Lesson learned; don’t let anyone pack for you!” Interestingly, Fouz says she doesn’t shop online as “it’s a hassle to have it delivered to my hotel” and that she only shops, “when needed. I need to have a purpose to go shopping because time is a luxury for me.”

On the top of her packing list, no matter the destination, are her Bottega Veneta sunglasses. “I always have them on me. You never know what might happen and sunglasses are always useful,” as well as “a Chanel handbag as I know I will need one for day and night.” As to why she prefers Karl’s creations over others, Fouz says, “This might sound like a cliché but I feel like when I buy a Chanel bag it’s never the wrong choice. The designs are timeless and I know that in 10 years, I’ll still be using them. I think I currently have around 10 pieces so far.”

In terms of ready-to-wear, Fouz explains, “I love Dior because when I go into the store to try on pieces, the cuts are always perfect and the colours are so soft. To me, Dior is always my number one choice when it comes to dresses and accessories. I also love Givenchy because its hoodies and T-shirts are very comfortable and cool. I don’t have to put in too much effort while wearing the brand because it’s already stylish.”

Given that Fouz constantly has to dedicate time in front of the camera for her social media accounts, what are her top tips for maintaining Instagram-worthy skin? “Drink lots of water, make sure you get lots of sleep and always carry a good moisturiser with you.” We can’t argue with that.

Fouz Al Fahad wears Johanna Ortiz dress at Photography: Richard Hall. Styling: Samah Elmeri. Words: Maddison Glendinning. Hair & make-up: Blowout & Go. Location: Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel