Hiba Asaad

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Feb 27 2017 / 20:05 PM

33, Jordanian

Hiba Asaad

If there was one word to describe Hiba Asaad it would be busy. The 33-year-old is the brand ambassador and project manager for CIIN, a regional, independent online magazine, and a mother of five. “I don’t have much free time.”

Despite her crazy schedule, Hiba still makes time for style, though she says she’s learnt a thing or two along the way. “I’ve had countless fashion disasters, especially with eveningwear. Experience has made me carry a small sewing kit with me all the time.”

Given that fashion is such an important element in her job, Hiba believes her own sense of style helps her professional judgement. “It’s very flattering to be labelled stylish. If anything it means that I have a good eye for fashion. I don’t take fashion too seriously, but in my line of work my fashion sense helps me identify the next big thing. I would like to believe that I have a good radar for insincerity, I can read authentic creativity and love to find new talent before anyone else.”

When it comes to stockpiling her own wardrobe, Hiba shops online at Moda Operandi, Net-a-Porter and Matches Fashion. “I buy from these sites so much I have my own personal stylist on each one,” she tells Bazaar. However, when it comes to the most memorable items of clothing in her wardrobe, it’s two Jordanian designers that receive the accolade. “I love local and national designers. There are many that I admire, such as Nut&Ptah. Also, Dania Dahleh whose dress I wore to the 2016 IWC Filmmaker of the Year Award dinner during Dubai International Film Festival. Photographers took an interest in the details and the attention it received was so special.”

For Hiba, true style comes not from what you wear, but how you carry yourself. “What makes a woman stylish isn’t the clothes she’s wearing, rather the way she carries them. It’s like an introduction to who she is.” And it’s this sense of confidence she would like to instil in other women here in the Middle East, particularly in regard to breaking the mould. “If I could change anything about the style scene here, I would encourage originality and individuality. I’d want women and girls to engage with their own sense of style, rather than follow trends.”

Hiba Asaad wears Johanna Ortiz top and trousers; shoes, Fendi all her own. Photography: Richard Hall. Styling: Samah Elmeri. Words: Maddison Glendinning. Hair & make-up: Blowout & Go. location: Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort