Dior Make-Up At House Of Bazaar 2017

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Oct 31 2017 / 21:02 PM

Inside The Boudoir in collaboration with Dior at this year's House of Bazaar

Dior Make-Up At House Of Bazaar 2017

Dior Make-Up was in The Boudoir at this year's House of Bazaar in Mall of the Emirates, as part of World of Fashion 2017. The Bazaar team were treated to makovers, with flawless skin and a bold lip being the standout look of this year's event. 

Assistant Features Editor of Harper's Bazaar Arabia liked her make-up so much, she went out and bought four of the products.

Left: Rebecca Porter, Editor-in-Chief of Harper's Bazaar Interiors. Right: Georgie Bradley, Assistant Features Editor. Both had their make-up done by Dior

Here's what she had to say:

"When it comes to getting my makeup done by professionals, I’m a sceptic. Some take it as a treat, I take it with trepidation. Much like writing, make-up is subjective. Some think red lipstick is fierce, others think it’s ‘too much’. Some feel the barely-there look is endearing, some think it’s blatantly bland. I know exactly what works with my face and what doesn’t – I wouldn’t touch a fuchsia eye shadow with a barge-pole but I would do a winged eyeliner and own it with Cleopatra confidence.

"When getting my make-up done for House of Bazaar, each outfit called for a different aesthetic – running on empty each day, I was a sight for sore eyes (it was as if someone had taken a black (permanent) marker and coloured in the deep trenches under my eyes) until the brilliant team at Dior Make-up flicked their magic on me. Diorskin Forever Undercover Concealer was applied and camouflaged all my sleep ills and smoothed over my fissures and created a long-lasting matte finished, perfect for the day-long tours at HOB. I have alabaster shade skin, so getting the colour right is a task and a half. And for that healthy glow, the Diorific Precious Rocks golden powder gave me striking cheekbones (as if fresh from Marbella) and really sculpted some definition into my look. I was so impressed by these transformative products, I bought both items and went on my way. I still need some gentle coaxing but overall, Dior really reversed my feelings about getting my make-up done by others."

Rebecca Porter

Rebecca Porter, Editor-in-Chief of Harper's Bazaar Interiors

Catt Sandler

Catt Sadler having a bold lip applied by a Dior beauty expert 

House of Bazaar 2017

Left: Lisa Rokny, Publishing Director of Harper's Bazaar Arabia. Middle: Shiva Safai. Right: Rosemin Manji.