Design Studio Apical Reform To Open First Gallery In Dubai

BY Rebecca Anne Proctor / Oct 10 2017 / 22:22 PM

Amrish Patel, founder of the multi-disciplinary design studio from Ahmedabad, India, tells us what's on offer at his new outpost that opens doors in November

Design Studio Apical Reform To Open First Gallery In Dubai
Photography by Ausra Osipaviciute
Amrish Patel next to his Sonuslexica in d3

From collectible furniture to bespoke design pieces and sound installations, design studio Apical Reform is on a mission to create immersive experiences led by a multi-disciplinary practice involving innovation and technology. Found in 2011, the studio is a young, forward-thinking group of creatives involved in constant exploration as to how to transcend the mundane into an extraordinary experience through art and design. The company initially began as an interior and architectural studio, working on both residential and commercial projects, and then grew its vision to encompassing cutting-edge design pieces. Principal and founder, Amrish Patel and his design director, Darshan Soni, are the main players behind Apical Reform. “We guide the studio to manifest one-of-a-kind design objects that go beyond their material worth,” says Patel. “In lending a poetic quality to life, these works are design icons of the future.”

Many will remember Apical Reform’s Sonuslexica installation at the sixth edition of Design Days Dubai (14-17 March 2017). An experimental study in sound wave technology, the piece took the shape of an iceberg and paid homage to the diverse spirit of the UAE. The submerged structure of the installation, otherwise known as The Root, used Sound Wave technology to reveal recorded words as 3D visualisations of the sound samples. These were then transformed into wooden totems, which then sustained the growing urban jungle of the sky that forms above. “Would you like to know what a sound might look and feel like?” asks Patel. It was such curiosity that led him and his team to experiment with sound wave technology. “Once it is isolated into its truest and simplest wave format, planar manipulation can create endless forms from the sound waves derived from the same word!” he exclaims.

The Betula chair by Apical Reform

“It truly is fascinating when people say ‘Oh, this is how my name really looks like!’ or as it was with Sonuslexica, where people had an immediate emotional response having seen words like peace, gratitude, etc in the physical. I don’t think Sonuslexica could have come at a better time when we all need to reaffirm our commitment to humanity.”

Patel, who comes from a family of builders, explains how he grew up surrounded by architecture and product design. “I have always been curious about who one creates things,” he says. “I’ve been fascinated by the creative process and it’s been very interesting to see how two things are the same. After graduation, I was keen to seek other creative people in the country and soon reaslied the only way to deliver an uncompromised vision was to be one’s own client.” And Apical Reform was born. As Patel underlines, the company’s best work often comes from “experimentation and having the luxury of time to delve into concepts.”

In November, Apical Reform will open its first gallery in Dubai in Building 6 in d3 (Dubai Design District). “A blank canvas for innovation in design and creative arts, AR Gallery is more than your usual sales point for high art and design,” he says. “The gallery will provide infrastructural assistance to established and emerging designers – both regional and international – with the ultimate aim of presenting their works to the global design market.” The gallery will host exhibitions revealing Apical Reform’s avant-garde synthesis of the worlds of art, design and technology. “There is an elitist image associated to the creative process, and understandably so, given high investment often required to create prototypes, then market and exhibit the final works,” says Patel. “The capital required to deliver world-class design can be prohibitive. This impacts both emerging and established designers. In offering an environment geared to nurture and promote, AR Gallery offers the following services – Collaboration, Mentoring, Design Development, Production and Marketing.” While the world continues to wrestle with the digital age, Apical Reform might have an answer on how to merge one-of-a-kind creative objects with new breakthroughs in technology.

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Amrish Patel is the trophy designer for the 2017 Harper's Bazaar Interiors Awards.