Meet The Judge: Jafar Dajani

BY Harper's Bazaar Interiors / Nov 6 2017 / 14:27 PM

Here's what the Dubai-based interior architect has to say about the coveted awards and the booming design scene in the Middle East

Meet The Judge: Jafar Dajani
Interior architect Jafar Dajani

Harper's Bazaar Interiors: What are the current trends that you are witnessing in the global design industry?
Jafar Dajani: The global design industry is seeing a resurgence in Art Deco and Maximalism inspired interiors and touches. Mixed use of different colour metals, wood veneers, stones, pastel colours teamed with organic forms or sharp lines, coalesce to form a setting of contrasts.

HBI: What projects are you currently working on?
JD: My current projects include several private villas in different areas of Dubai.

HBI: From where do you source your creative inspiration?
JD: My inspiration stems from my travels abroad, art and architecture.

An interior view of a project by Jafar Dajani

HBI: What are your thoughts on the design scene in the Middle East?
JD: The Middle East is constantly evolving as a destination for designers who like to merge the traditional and practical, with the modern and edgy. The design ambiance here is perfect grounds for experimenting between the two perspectives and forms the core of the region's design scene.

HBI: What do you think the Harper’s Bazaar Interior Awards mean for the region?
JD: HBI Awards are a high-profile and exciting opportunity to be featured among the best in the region. It showcases the kind of people who are a part of this region's identity and help to mould the kind of interiors that maintain that identity. The public is given the opportunity to have a look inside the kind of projects they otherwise may not have access to and to employ the best designers for their tastes.

An interior view of a project by Jafar Dajani

HBI: Can you name the most crucial traits you’re looking for in the nominees across the 10 categories this year?
JD: The designers nominated this year have showed exceptional creativity, which distinguishes them as the top talent in the region. However, I think the most important traits we are looking for are versatility, good design principles that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

HBI: What would a win at the HBI Awards mean for the nominated brand/designer?
JD: Winning this award is prestigious and great publicity for the nominated party as Harper's Bazaar Interiors is a leading and well-recognised publication in the region.

Winners announced at Downtown Design (14-17 Nov) and in the Winter issue of Harper's Bazaar Interiors, out now.