All The Highlights From The Harper’s Bazaar Interiors Awards 2016

BY Alexandra Venison / Dec 18 2016 / 23:17 PM

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In its third edition, the Harper’s Bazaar Interiors Awards was truly a night to remember. Held in the highly acclaimed Toko Garden Downtown, guests were treated to a sit down dinner followed by the ceremony. Exquisite table settings were finished off with burning Diptyque candles and flourishes of hydrangeas and roses provided by Mesopotamia Flowers, added to the chic vibes of the evening.

Recognising and rewarding the best brands in the region and the world, there were 11 carefully selected categories to look forward to. The worthy winners once announced to the audience of glamourous guests, received a stunning trophy designed especially by architect and interior designer Jafar Dajani. Guests then celebrated the well-deserved wins, by dancing the night away to the jazzy beats of Layla Kardan.