Tour The Boeing 787 That Was Transformed Into A Private Jet

BY Harper's Bazaar Interiors / Oct 12 2016 / 04:14 AM

Take a look inside...

Tour The Boeing 787 That Was Transformed Into A Private Jet

The above photo shows what a Boeing 787 Dreamliner typically looks like on the outside. It's big—so big that most models fit anywhere from 242 to 330 passengers.

Now, imagine what it would be like to fly on this plane if its 2,400-square-foot interior was modified to accommodate just 40 people. Well, Kestrel Aviation Management made just those modifications. The aviation consulting firm just sold its first Dreamliner, built specifically as a custom Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), according to Kestrel CEO Stephen Vella.

Since the plane was sold to an undisclosed Asian operator, it's unlikely any of us will be able to travel on it anytime soon. But let's take a look at the luxurious interiors that were co-designed with Pierrejean Design Studio. 

Nohl Martin, vice president of communications and business development at Kestrel, called it a "flying masterpiece." 

It doesn't just look good— check out that spacious main cabin - the technology is pretty impressive, too. The lighting, audio, video monitors, window shades, and flight attendant requests are all operated via tablets located throughout the cabin.

The plane can fly for 17 non-stop hours, making this master bedroom a necessity.

If you flew on this plane, you could even shower to assure you look freshly presented once you arrive at your next destination.

The master suite comes with a bathroom big enough to fit a his-and-hers sink.

Via Harper's Bazaar UK