Dubai’s Architecture Inspires Cities Boutique Exhibition

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Feb 6 2017 / 19:55 PM

Artists to put their spin on the city’s sky-scraping landscape at Design Days Dubai 2017

Dubai’s Architecture Inspires Cities Boutique Exhibition
Wave City Coffee Table by Stelios Mousarris
Dubai’s Architecture Inspires Cities Boutique Exhibition
Intersect Lamp by Tarek Elkassouf
Dubai’s Architecture Inspires Cities Boutique Exhibition
Steelscaper Table by Nada Debs

For Cities Boutique’s  exhibition at the Design Days Dubai fair next month, three designers have taken Dubai’s urban landscape as their muse. The City on Display brings together established designer Nada Debs and newcomers Stelios Mousarris and Tarek El Kassouf, who take a cue from the architectural homogeneity of the metropolis and the Middle East at large for their concertedly modern creations.

For her series of Steelscrapers tables, Debs draws inspiration from the rugged yet intricate urban landscape and linear elements characteristic of Middle Eastern skyscrapers. With her folded trapezoidal designs in brass, copper and acid-treated steel, the Lebanese designer seems to accentuate the diverse dimensions and forms of the buildings that characterise the city.

Conceptual designer Mousarris, who hails from Cyprus, brings his artistic spin on the city’s skyline or lack thereof. Using 3D-printed plastics, steel, maple veneer and acrylic paints for The Wave City table, the designer underlines the structural verticality of Dubai. The cityscape flipped upside-down in place of the sky seems to have a fantastical yet functional appeal. Also evident in Mousarris’s design is the precision and intricacy with which he depicts the towers standing tall in the city.

Also showcased at the exhibition are lighting designs created by Lebanese designer and urban planner Kassouf. He makes use of brass and steel to accentuate his modern and linear creations titled Intersect, Lean and Fracture. Kassouf creates his skyscraper-like structures with geometric patterns and futuristic parametric design in what seems to be an attempt to highlight the individualism and fragmentation that embody urban living. 

Design Days Dubai runs from 14-17 March at the Dubai Design District. For more information visit