How Would That Colour Look On Your Wall? Tap Your Phone Screen To Find Out

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Jun 27 2018 / 20:39 PM

Jotun’s new ColourDesign app is a stroke of genius

How Would That Colour Look On Your Wall? Tap Your Phone Screen To Find Out
Jotun's ColourDesign app

Jotun has rolled out a new app that helps you select colours for your home from the comfort of your couch. The Norwegian paint brand’s ColourDesign app offers a glimpse into the future of design, as it helps users view how their preferred colour tone would look, both for interior and exterior walls, all using your smartphone.

The idea is to help you see, experience and find a colour that works best for your space before you invest into buying paint. Begin with browsing Jotun’s latest colour trends and collections to see what piques your interest. “The app is designed as a visual tool, giving people a realistic idea and inspiring them to mix and match the right colours that best complement homes before making a purchase,” Rana Khadra, Colour and Creative Manager at Jotun, Middle East, India and Africa, said in a statement.

Jotun Paints

Once you’re ready to try the colours, you can upload a photograph of the space to see which Jotun tone works best. “ColourDesign app makes finding your perfect colour as simple as taking a photo of your home and effortlessly changing walls’ colours live on your mobile device,” Rana added. You can select from a wondrous mix of palettes featuring refreshing hues that would make your home homier. 

To make the process more seamless, the app allows you to calculate the dimensions of your room to determine how much paint you’ll need. All this while you’re also able to save and share a selection of your top picks with family and friends for their approval. It also helps locate the closest Jotun dealer so you can add products to your shopping list with a tap of the screen. The real-time view of how your home would look before a refresh means you can’t go wrong with a makeover. This visualisation tool is just what you need for the perfect summer update for your home.

Jotun’s ColourDesign app is now available for download on Google Play and App Store.