Lasvit Sparkles at The Address Boulevard Dubai

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Oct 20 2016 / 22:34 PM

Designer Jana Růžičková speaks with Harper’s Bazaar Interiors on her collaboration with Emaar and HBA to design the Lasvit light installation at The Address Boulevard Dubai

Lasvit Sparkles at The Address Boulevard Dubai
The Lasvit lights emanate a timeless elegance and sophistication

Harper’s Bazaar Interiors: Can you describe the inception and development of the Lasvit light installation at The Address Boulevard Dubai?

Jana Růžičková: I was invited to participate in the design process in March 2016. The brief had to take into account the design concept and theme of the interior and so we set to work as time was of the essence. We invited all of our in-house designers to draft as many ideas as possible. One of my sketches was selected, and so I travelled to Dubai immediately for an intensive workshop with the design team at Emaar and HBA. In those 4 weeks, many steps were taken to develop the intricate design of the flagship piece which then inspired the whole collection of 16 different designs. Each of them is a result of many progressive sketches, 3D visualizations, and real glass samples.

HBI: How did you draw inspiration from Dubai’s heritage and how was this transposed onto the Lasvit lights?

JR: Our flagship piece at The Address Boulevard Dubai is designed to draw attention, much like a piece of exquisite jewellery highlights a woman’s natural beauty. Pearls are an integral part of Dubai’s heritage and a core concept here, further embellished with refined crystals and its gleaming metal framework.

I wanted to create a piece of jewellery, which would adorn the space, inspired by its architectural and design language. The pearl is a unique creation of nature - soft and feminine yet strong in its physical structure and symbolism. Our aim was to create pieces with a timeless sophisticated elegance, but with a definite contemporary twist.

Craftsmen usually build their piece of jewellery around one precious carefully selected element, I wanted to find the right element too. The element which would, of course, have the connection to Dubai, and the hotel – a strong, elegant, luxurious and timeless symbol.

HBI: You have previously cited Audrey Hepburn as a source of inspiration. How has the actress inspired your work?

JR: At the beginning of every new project I do research on the design concept background, I talk to the interior designers, study the space, material and colour mood boards. The design style of the new generation of Address hotels has a very soft, elegant and forward-looking feel. It sparked a picture of an elegant, sophisticated lady such as the icon Audrey Hepburn in my mind. I thought about her fashion style, accessories, the jewellery pieces she wore, all designed for her and inspired by her.

HBI: With an extensive background designing for hotels in Southeast Asia, how has working in the UAE for the Lasvit project at The Address Boulevard Dubai been different?

JR: In general, in Southeast Asia, we are developing designs reflecting more the cultural background than designs with a forward-looking feel. There were more projects connected to the traditional arts, philosophy, and history, all of those are a great source of inspiration and provide more opportunities to work with motifs and details. In Dubai it’s a little different. Design-wise, I see here the trend is to create everything new almost like from the future -  high tech, high quality and experimental.

The designing process, however, remains the same. This is the great thing about the design world. All designers, from different parts of the world, can easily communicate via their universal creative design language. This is how I can be based outside of the Czech Republic. I can be based in Singapore and now soon moving to New York and still contribute and help to translate the clients’ and interior designers’ ideas into Lasvit designs.

So yes, I’m soon relocating to our New York branch and I am very excited about this new experience and the opportunity to learn more about the design approach in this new territory. 

HBI: What did you enjoy most about the process?

JR: I enjoyed every part of it, and I really appreciated the opportunity to work personally with such partners like Emaar and HBA, whose projects are renowned, on such a large scale collection. My personal style is usually very straightforward and minimalistic, so I liked the challenge to design something in a more classic, elegant and feminine style, with my input of simplicity. I also liked the intensity -  the chance to focus on a large-scale collection in one project. Usually, I have to work on many projects at one time, creating different designs for various clients. Also, the timeframe was challenging  – we had to develop the whole collection in a very short time. But we had a great, big team and a lot of support.

HBI: What upcoming projects do you have lined up which you would like to share with our readers?

JR: I have recently created installations for several projects in Singapore and Thailand, which I’m delighted about. I’ve also designed the Mubadala World Tennis Championship trophy. I’m very excited about this year’s design, but aside from that, I can’t reveal anything about it – it’s going to be a beautiful surprise!

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